5 Degree Cooling Technology

The Cooling Advantage

The Hydrocool™ 5 Degree cooling advantage is tested & proven to help you sleep 5® cooler vs a traditional product. Moisture wicking technology moves heat away from your body, while the memory foam like CoolFX™ fiber conforms to you for cool and restorative sleep.


Hydrocool™ 5 Degree - Great Sleep

The Hydrocool™ 5 Degree Cooling Advantage

Hydrocool™ technology is the newest technology that allows you to sleep cool and comfortable. Any product that has Hydrocool™ technology has been thoroughly tested and is proven to help you sleep 5 degrees cooler versus a traditional bedding product. To do this, this technology wicks moisture away from the body, allowing for more space for cool air. Additionally, the memory foam CoolFX™ fibers create an open cell structure, opening the airways within the foam and allowing the hot air to move out and the cool air to move in; this will prevent the warm air from becoming stagnant.

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