Natural Elements
Earth's Natural Elements

Embrace the benefits of earth's natural elements: ceramic, copper, graphite, and silver. Each gel technology brings superior cooling and heat dissipation for increased comfort. Experience rejuvenating sleep each night by utilizing the power and properties of natural elements infused into our memory foam products.


Discover a new kind of sleep.
Why Do I Need a Pillow Cover?
  Think about it: we sleep on a pillow every night, but you can’t wash your pillow as often as you would like. Cue the zippered pillow cover...
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The Diet Breakdown: Keto
We’re living in a health revolution and a society that is obsessed with all things health and fitness, which is great, but has its downsides...
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We’re living in a time of harder, better, faster, stronger. If the workout doesn’t leave you gasping for air with shaky muscles and the poss...
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How to Wash a Down Comforter
Down comforters are a serious investment in your sleep—the last thing you want to do is somehow ruin it by washing it the wrong way! There a...
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