How to Stay Active When It’s Way Too Cold

Working out in the summer is a no-brainer: it’s beautiful outside, warm, the sun is shining, but what happens in the winter? We tend to go into “5-more-minutes" mode when it comes to leaving our warm beds for our morning workouts. There some key essentials when it comes to making it to your morning sweat sesh.

  • Sleep in your workout clothes. Sometimes, the hardest part about going to the gym is actually getting ready. You don’t want to take off your warm pajamas just to slip into some cold spandex. Sleeping in your gym clothes, if you can stand it, will make getting out of bed that much easier.
  • Make time for coffee. Sometimes, we just need to drink away the grogginess with a basic cup of joe. Leaving bed with the promise of a piping hot cup of coffee will make getting up that much easier.
  • Have a special treat waiting for you after your workout. Maybe you pass your favorite coffee shop on the way to the gym or on your way back from your run. Treat yourself and stop for your favorite breakfast sandwich or smoothie! A little bribery never hurt.
  • Listen to your body. If you wake up and you aren’t feeling so hot, give your body the respect it deserves. If you force yourself to workout when you’re not feeling it, you could damage your future workout motivation, or worse, injure yourself. Listen to your body and your brain. You’ll know when it’s just laziness or if you really should not workout.
  • Invest in some quality sleep products. Gift yourself with bedding that fits your sleeping needs so that you can get your recommended 7-9 hours each night. If you sleep cold, there’s a bed set for you. Side sleeper? Get the pillow that gives you the best support for the most restful sleep possible. A more restful sleep leads to a more refreshing wake up experience.